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Rental FAQ's

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow long do I get to keep the equipment?
You can keep the equipment as long as needed! The most popular times are a 4-hour rental and a full (1) day charge. A 1-day charge is good for 24 hours during the week. Please be sure that you understand the time frame for the specific equipment you rent. If you have any questions, simply ask your sales associate!
What if I need the equipment long term?
If you determine that you need equipment long term, make sure you understand the long-term rental rates. Our rental policies include days that you pay rent and days that are free of charge.
I did not get to use the equipment because…
Sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control, such as the weather. Therefore we charge for "time out, not time used."
What is the Damage Waiver?
An explanation of the optional damage waiver is as follows:  If and only if, we have offered the OPTIONAL DAMAGE WAIVER and you have paid the Damage Waiver fee set forth on Page 1 in advance of the Term, then with respect solely to the Item(s) covered by Damage Waiver (“Covered Items”), you will have no liability for the cost to repair or replace such Covered Items (up to $5,000) if and to the extent they suffer physical damage during the Term; provided however, that you will remain liable for: (a) ALL damage to and/or loss of Covered Item(s) caused in whole or in part by: (i) your breach of this Contract; (ii) theft or any failure to return Covered Item(s); (iii) gross negligence, misuse and/or abuse of any Rented Item(s); (iv) vandalism and malicious mischief, (v) use of alcohol or drugs; and/or (vi) use of any Item in violation of any applicable law or policy of insurance; (c) all damage to glass, tires, belts, tracks, chains, knobs and/or hoses; and (d) all repair and replacement costs exceeding $5,000 in the aggregate across all Covered Items. You may decline Damage Waiver if you provide the insurance required under Section 11. DAMAGE WAIVER IS NOT INSURANCE, NOR IS IT A WARRANTY.

The damage waiver fee is 10% and is calculated on the rental fee only

You may decline the damage waiver, however you must abide by the following agreement:

You agree to maintain all insurance Mullin Rental Service Inc. (MRS) deems necessary, which may include without limitation: (a) liability insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence; (b) property damage/inland marine (and if any automobile(s) is/are included in the Rented Item(s), hired auto and automobile physical damage) insurance covering all Rented Items for the full (new) replacement value thereof. Such policies shall, as applicable: (i) name MRS and each TPO as an additional insured and loss payee; (ii) waive subrogation against them; (iii) be primary and non-contributory (our insurance will be excess); (iv) include a severability of interests provision; and (v) include such other provisions (including deductibles, if any) as MRS may deem appropriate.You will provide a certificate of insurance as outlined in the sample.

In layman's terms: Our damage waiver is based on 10% of rented items and covers you against any additional charges due to accidental damage.
What if I don't have a major credit card?
Not a problem! We do not require a credit/debt card for payment.
What if I don't have an Indiana driver's license?
We accept Indiana ID cards. Along with the ID card we will need two current utility bills.